Introducing Our Latest Feature: Buckets Threads!

Buckets Threads is a super-efficient new feature we’ve added to replace the old Notifications feed. Rather than bombarding you with an onslaught of various Notifications in one single feed, Buckets Threads groups these into sections (threads) that make them much easier to follow.

There are 4 types of threads:

  • Universal Threads: where you will receive project invites and connection requests.
  • Project Threads: Project-level updates and invites, e.g. “column created or removed.
  • Card Threads: information related to Cards that follow your settings (more on “settings” below)
  • Checklist Item Threads: information related to Checklist items that follow your settings.

Get an Instant Snapshot of Comment History Within Each Thread

Previously, when you received a Notification it was a standalone update in your feed, so you had to open the actual Card if you wanted more context before responding. We quickly realized this wasn’t the most effective way to manage your updates so we’ve replaced Notifications with Threads.

When you receive an update in Threads, you will see the entire conversation related to that update - i.e. all of the comments associated with a Card or all of the comments associated with a specific Checklist item. 


This gives you a snapshot of the conversation history related to the update so that you can respond right away within the Thread without having to open up the Card. Sounds waaaay better, right?!

If you want to open the Card itself, just click on the "info" icon at the top of your Thread.

Choose and Filter the Updates You Receive

You can choose what Notifications you receive by adjusting your setting options. 


To further streamline your Threads view, you can use the Filter feature enable/disable Notifications via these filters:

  • Pinned
  • Muted
  • Mentioned
  • Unread



Use Project Avatars to Quickly Differentiate Between Threads

With the new Threads feature, the Project Avatar is the main way to tell which Projects your updates are coming from. We’ve had Avatars in place for a while, but now they’re super important because they will help you to quickly differentiate between Projects in threads. If you’re unsure of which Avatar the Project refers to, you can hover over it to see the Project title.

If you have any questions about using the new Threads feature you can get in touch with via the chat window or tweet us @bucketsdotco. We’d also love to hear from you if there are any other features you think would make using Buckets even better!


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