Using /Markdown In Buckets

Using /Markdown makes using Buckets even more efficient as our key features are literally a “/” command away. /Markdown works by typing in a forward slash along with the command you’re looking for.


Available commands:

  • /attach: opens a dropdown to select one attachment to create an attachment chip
  • /label: opens a modal to select a label to insert one of these options: !red, !orange, !yellow, !green, !blue or !purple
  • /reminder: opens a modal with a calendar to create a reminder

Attachments can be added to a Card to store and share files, and also to an individual Card comment or Checklist item, e.g. images or documents that you want to share with other users.

Labels can be used to group tasks according to things like; priority, team members, clients, etc. Our colored Labels provide an instant visual of your workload when used in this manner.

Reminders can be added to a Card, Checklist, or individual Checklist item. Reminders are usually used to set task deadlines and you will receive a Notification when your Reminder date comes up.


These commands can be used in the following areas:

  • Card Name (Label and Attachment not available)
  • Card Note (Reminder and Label not available)
  • Checklist name (Label not available)
  • New Checklist item
  • Checklist item
  • Checklist item comment (Reminder not available)
  • New Checklist item comment (Reminder not available)
  • Card Comment (Label not available)
  • New Card comment (Label not available)
  • Notifications Shelf (Reminder and Attachment not available)

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