How To Set Up And Manage Project Permissions

There a number of options available for sharing the content within your Buckets Projects. To access your Project Permissions settings, click on the lock icon in your Buckets Kanban Header. You will then be presented with the 4 types of permissions available:

Private - Only Project Members can view, comment, edit, and admin

Only those listed as members of the Project can view, comment, or make adjustments to work within the Project.

Public Editor - Anyone can view, comment, and edit

This makes your Project completely open to the public so that anyone can make adjustments via the access URL.

Public Commenter - Anyone can view and comment

This setting allows you to maintain control over your Project but still share it openly and allow for input via comments.

Public Viewer - Anyone can view

Anyone with the URL can view the Project but cannot make any edits or comments.


 Note: Cards within a private Project can be made public by adjusting your Card Sharing Settings.

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