Let’s Have A Look At The Latest Buckets Updates! (drum roll please)


Big things are coming over here in Buckets land and we’re super excited to share them with you! We’re going to fill you in on the updates that have just gone live and we would LOVE to know what you think.

Remember, your input is crucial to the development of Buckets because we designed this app for you and your concerns/wants/needs will always be No.1 for us!

1. UI Update to Attachments

Up until now, attachments could only be added to a whole Card and not to specific sections. We realized that our users needed more flexibility so that they could refer to/share Cards more easily with other Project members. So we upped our game.

With the latest UI update, any attachments you upload/drag-drop into a Card go into a hideable panel that shows screenshots of the attachments you’ve added. You can then drag and drop those attachments into your content in any Card section, e.g. Card comments or Checklist items, and a reference chip will appear (much easier to work with, right?!).

Here’s an example:



2. Updated Workflow for Private Projects

Previously, if you went to a private Project that you didn’t have access to, you didn’t have the option to request access. Instead, you’d have to do it the roundabout way and send an email/call or use whatever means to get in touch with the Project admin and get added. And that’s too much like hard work, we reckon.

With the latest workflow update, you’ll be taken to a page where you can request access and Project admins will receive your request. It’s a bit like Google Docs, if you’re used to using that! Hey if it’s not broken…

The exciting part is (if you weren’t already on the edge of your seat) that this is only the start. We’re going to be rolling out some awesome updates around editable Projects and Project permissions over the next few weeks, so sit tight!




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