Introducing The Latest Buckets Updates!

We’re super excited to share the latest Buckets updates with you! As usual, our team has been working hard on streamlining the UI and providing an even more intuitive experience for our users.

Check it out!

Adding members to Cards just got even easier.

If you want to add a member to a Card, you can simply mention them in the Card comments. Once you type in their username, a +member icon will appear to add them to the Card.new_stuff_in_buckets_2018-02-06_11-27-21.png

Additional information visible on the Card cover.

Up to 9 user avatars can now be displayed on the Card cover and it shows which users last took action within the Card. When you run out of room to show avatars, the “+2” circle displays modal on mouseover to show all people on the card.

Card mentions now include user avatars and an X dismiss icon on chips.


What do you think of these new changes to the Buckets UI? Let us know in the comments!

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