Drag and Drop Zones

The drag-drop tool in Buckets is one of our most useful features and it’s super easy to use!

Once you’ve created your first Buckets Project, there are a number of drag-drop zones available to help you to manage your content. In this post, we’re going to list all of the drag-drop zones available to our users to ensure you get the most out of using Buckets.

Drag-drop zones in: Projects

  • Drag Cards and Columns within a Project to best suit your needs.

Drag-drop zones in: Cards

  • Reposition Notes, Checklists, and even Checklist Items inside of Cards to optimize your progress.
  • Drag-drop attachments from your device into your Buckets Card.
  • Need a Reminder for a specific task in a Card? Drag it from the top to the Checklist Title or even a Checklist Item; a favorite for those who are uber detail-oriented.

Drag-drop zones in: Sandbox

  • The Sandbox is super easy to navigate on the move! All items can be drag-dropped into the Sandbox shelf and you can drag-drop Sandbox items to Columns in a Project in order to create a new Card.
  • Move all Sandbox items to any Card and/or place them in the Columns of any project in order to create a Card item (like a file, Note, or Checklist).

Drag-drop zones in: Profile / Account Shelf

  • Adding or editing a portfolio item in your Profile? Just drag and drop the file into place!

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