How To Manage Projects In The Buckets iOS App

When you log into the Buckets iOS app, you now land directly on your Project view page.

If you’re accessing Buckets via the iOS app, your screen will look like the image below.


Click the ellipsis at the top right corner of the Project shelf view and tap ‘Manage Projects’.



In the mobile iOS app, active Projects are indicated by a red button and hidden projects are in green. 

    • To move a Project from 'active' to 'hidden', click on the (-) red button. The button will turn green and your project will move into the hidden list. 
    • To revert a Project back to active, click on the (+)green button. The button will turn red and your Project will move into the active list again.


To set a 'home' Project in the app, move the Project to the top of the list. 





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