Using The Sandbox: The Basics

The Sandbox is your go-to place for sticking all of your valued stuff, like Notes, Checklists, Attachments… it’s the perfect place to put something before you decide what to do with it. When you add something to the Sandbox, we call it a ‘Quicknote’ and it stays there until you assign it to a Project (or choose to delete it).

Web App

To move your file into a Project using the Buckets web app, simply click and drag the item, and then drop it in the Bucket (column) or Card of your choosing. It’s that simple! Alternatively, you can drag the item and drop it into the top of a Bucket (column), where that item will become a new Card.


To move your file into a Project using the Buckets iOS app, click on the export prompt in the Sandbox menu and enter the name of the Project you wish to export your file to.


Let's take a look at a few more Sandbox features to help you optimize your workflow:

  • If dragging and dropping isn’t your thing, you can export the file to your Bucket or Project by clicking the export prompt.  
  • Our Sandbox Relay feature allows you to email items directly to your Sandbox without logging into Buckets. You can access this in Settings > Sandbox.
  • The Sandbox comes equipped with an "undo" feature. After taking an action you will have ample time to undo it by clicking on the “undo” prompt at the top of the Sandbox.
  • Use the Duplicate feature to create copies of Quicknotes in case you need to send a Quicknote out to a card but still want to retain a copy in your Sandbox.  
  • Editing a file allows you to save or delete it.

To locate a file within the Sandbox, use the search text field at the top of the screen to locate exactly what you need to find. It’s really fast, too!

Currently, the Sandbox provides a place where you can create Notes, Checklists, Doodles, edit images, upload attachments, and forward emails straight from your email inbox.

Soon, we will be giving you the tools to import all sorts of valuable things into the Sandbox that you might want to stage, all of which can be activated in Projects. The list of features will grow, so stay tuned as we roll them out!


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