Adding Checklists To A Card

Checklists have true power when you need to get things done. Not only can you get your entire list out of your brain to review, you get to experience the satisfaction of seeing a Checklist completed and feeling secure that nothing on the list went unchecked to surprise you later.

To add a Checklist to a Card, select the Checklist icon in the icon menu within the card. To change the title of your Checklist, just click on it to make it editable. 

The Checklists within Buckets have a few additional features to improve your tracking and communication needs;

  • You can leave comments on specific Checklist items and discuss the details within that item. To do so, click on the speech bubble icon that appears on the right-hand side when you hover over an item within your checklist.
  • To rearrange the order of your Checklist items, you drag-drop them to where they need to be. You can even drag an item into another Checklist within the Card!
  • To create custom Checklist titles, just click on the title “Checklist” to make it editable.
  • To Label a series of Checklist items for specific types of attention, you can use special markdown such as !red or !purple at the start of an item or click on the Label icon that appears on the right-hand side when you hover over a Checklist item.


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